Needy Greeter

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50 The Cat
Needy Greeter

'I need attention. All the time. If I don't want it, I'll be busy sleeping somewhere or MAYBE outside doing my thing and bringing my people dead mice that I catch. If you see me on the counter, be prepared to pet me. I will require it. Otherwise, good luck getting your checkbook out from under my butt.'

50 is a stray cat that decided to make his home at our clinic in 2017. He was an intact male, unvaccinated, slightly feral cat that was caught, neutered, vaccinated and treated like royalty for 2 days. Upon which, he decided he had it pretty good here and decided to stay. He's overall, a pretty good mouser, with a habit of leaving parts and pieces on the back mat for us to clean up. He loves sleeping, sharing Dr. Ashley's lunch with her, and getting cuddles from anyone that walks in the door.


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